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A few more days, a few more stations/groups and ticks (Eww!) (Turkey days 4&5)

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From May 5-6:

May 5: Ok, day one with the Kandilli team went great! Today I switched to a team with Susan (my roommate so far), Arda, and one of Arda’s students, Bizhan Abgarmi. We drove in a large black Volkswagen Caravelle van into a mountain valley, and found a site in Çulluuşaği. (Motion-X track link)


After driving about two hours NNE of Adana, we found the local mayor. We had çay in a local shop before deciding that the station could be installed on some field property that he owned. Unfortunately for us, the mayor’s daughter was getting married that day so there weren’t really any people around to help us dig. We also had to carry the equipment up and over a grassy hill for about 200m, and that was a little rough (some of the equipment is awkward and heavy, ok for short distances but more challenging over longer ones.)

We started digging away, when we were joined by a retired schoolteacher. He helped us dig, but in general talked more than dug (I mean this in a good way!!!). The install was pretty uneventful, but it did take a wee bit longer due to the terrane and the fact that the four of us aren’t necessarily the best diggers!

20130524-105537.jpg Photo of Bizhan, Arda, and Susan working n the station (sorry there are no faces in this one!)

After finishing the site, the teacher invited us to his house for çay. He had a house built higher up on a hill that had access to spring water. It was very peaceful and the house was gorgeous with beautiful wood doors and beams. We also met his wife and his mother-in-law; his mom-in-law was 95 years! Older than the Republic of Turkey! I really wish I knew more Turkish, because I bet that she has wonderful stories about her life.

May 6: Two stations and two teams done! Now the four teams were breaking up into two sub-groups. One mostly METU and U of Arizona people, and the second group was Kandilli and U of Missouri people. Still in the Kandilli truck was Zafer, Uğur(ha! I found a web page for him!), and Savaş. The vehicle I was joining was another black Volkswagen Caravelle van, but with Niyazi Türkellı, Metin Kahraman, and Eric. We installed our station in a fenced-in area surrounding a medical clinic.
another GPS track



It was right next door to a school, and the headmaster helped us pick out the site as well as find us some help digging. It was good that we had help. This site was in barely-weathered bedrock, which was really hard to dig in. But, after time, success!

Photo above of Niyazi, Metın, and Eric.
Plus, there was a cute puppy that joined us so that was a bonus!

Poor little girl had lots of ticks in her ears, which can be a worry for us humans.

Parts of Turkey are having problems with Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, which is spread by ticks. Before traveling, I was warned about the problem so I made sure that I brought plenty of bug spray and treated my pants, shirts, and socks with permethrin. I also had gaiters pre-treated with permethrin from when I was an instructor at a geophysics field camp in South Africa (via University of Witwatersrand). I checked for ticks in the evening after installing this site, and luckily found none. Whew!


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