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Lucky trip to Chile

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On February 27, 2010, there was an 8.8 magnitude earthquake offshore of Chile.  A call went out in the weeks after, looking for suggestions for science objectives and volunteers for a deployment of seismometers.  I put my name in and a few days ago found out that I have been selected to go.  Chile-bound!

I have been involved with this type of field work in Cameroon and Tanzania, Africa as well as in Antarctica.  But this will be the first time I have been in an area experiencing on-going seismic activity.  So, I am a bit nervous!  Right now I can focus on packing together my gear and getting life in order here in Greensboro.  I will use the blog to start sharing the process of a trip like this and hopefully answer science questions along the way!


Author: scimouse

I am a seismologist currently living in Socorro, NM and employed by IRIS PASSCAL as a data specialist. I hug trees, recycle everything possible, and love my three cats. I currently want a nap.

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